I got really excited when I received the Visa back after letting go of my passport to authorities so that I could return it. Then the ball started to shift a bit as preparations begun.

I’ve dated my calendar days that I need to take care of things prior to my departure. I’m breaking in a pair of walking shoes comma and toning my walking muscles I am blessed and certainly honored to be among the chosen two given the opportunity 2 Manifest this trip in my mind and in reality? and doing a short track around the block. I am in my mind yet thinking about outfits that I can put together a 2 layer and not look completely frumpy. I think the shoes will work out well but I definitely want to get another pair.

20160901_124619 These shoes are going to see some amazing history. That’s pretty exciting on the flip side I’m actually walking in my place on the planet and I will be taking this energy from here my home all the way across the planet. That’s super cool. Maybe I will take not just my feet to imprint but my heart to imprint or be imprinted upon. Epic!