Red door in ChinaThe following is a brief overview of pricing.  Every project is unique and customized to fit your specific needs and budget.

FENG SHUI minimum of 2 hours- $300…depending on distance additional prorated hours are from $90-125.  Phone sessions are: $88/hour.

THETAHEALING: $70/hour phone or in person.

CLOSETS – Prices vary depending on space and options. Free design consultation.

MEDITATION – group sessions available please inquire with your specific request

 MINI 9 STAR KI READING:  Assists relationships using 5 elements to better understand who we are and how nature has us interact with others.  30 minute sessions – $26.00

YOGA: $62/hour at Feng Shui Studios, and depending on schedule/distance could be more. Packages  are available.