Getting Your Belongings Organized

Do you recognize how overwhelmed you feel when your belongings are in disarray? Storage is always at a premium and there is never seems to be enough places to put away the stuff that accumulates without effort. So, if you have been thinking about what to do with all your stuff, consider one of the many organization systems available to you today!  There are many companies that offer free design consultations and estimates on creating the closet, office or garage storage system you may need. And if you are a do-it-yourself kind of person, you will find systems sold for self-installation at most of the home centers.

White wall cabinetYour first job is to figure out what it is you need to store. This may not be as easy a task as you think, as clutter must be eliminated so you can see what it is you actually have to put away.  Like one of the design shows on television, you might create piles as you go through your belongings. Create a pile to give away, one to sell garage-sale style, and one for keeps.  If you have more than one space that needs attention, it is this designer’s suggestion to conquer a room at a time. This will help you define your needs and reduce the potential of your feeling overwhelmed.  Once that task is complete you might call one of many charities to come pick up your give-aways and if a garage sale is not in your future, give that stuff to charity as well.  Once you have an idea of what you have to store, you might call one of the many organization companies to assist you in building storage units to fit your needs.

Most companies offer similar products, but customization and craftsmanship does come with a price. Closets by Design does not stock pre-cut panels and shelves and offers customization for your closet. There are choices of edge banding, which some companies may not even be able to offer. If you have a special circumstance, or inconvenient obstacles, CBD will be able to design around them. As a senior designer at Closets by Design, I am willing and able to accommodate your needs and desires to create the closet of your dreams. CBD is a local, custom manufacturer that will transform the designs we come up with, and manufacture and cut the product to fit most circumstances. Additionally, CBD also offers a full lifetime warranty. Having been in the business for over 32 years, it is hard to find another company that has a warranty and the time served to uphold it should any issues occur!

For closets, floor based systems offers the most stability in the units. They are L-bracketed to the wall as well, which presents more integrity to the installation insuring a secure, stable system.  It also provides the homeowner a cleaner finish, easier vacuuming as the clothing will not be sitting near or on the floor. It also offers the most flexibility as the system holes allow you to adjust the shelves and rods with ease. As a homeowner, my biggest pet peeve is catching bathrobe belts in the vacuum cleaner. With a floor-based system, all clothing is neatly tucked away on the bottom locked shelf.

The depth of shelving is also very important to consider. The last thing you want is your clothing hanging off the edge of a shelf, or the tips of your shoes walking off the shelf. Generally, a 16” deep shelf is appropriate for your foldables: sweaters, shirts, sweat pants etc.

The length of the rod must be able to support the clothing hanging on it, or it will pull right down. The maximum width for any hang space should be 42” to keep the integrity of the rod intact.

Walk in ClosetIf you are considering drawers in your closet, please note how CBD drawer boxes are constructed. Each drawer is glued and dowed together with a ¼ inch bottom. These hold up much longer than prefabricated drawer boxes offered elsewhere and come with superior solid chrome hardware, not spray-painted aluminum slides. CBD does not upcharge to have the interior drawer box match the color of your units, while most other companies use white exclusively for drawer boxes.

There are many options available as are accessories for your closets.  We offer white, almond, black, grey and various wood grain choices to choose from. Wood grain may be higher in cost, but for many becomes a necessity to match furnishings in adjacent rooms.

Other accessories such as drawer inserts (velvet jewelry trays, lucite dividers), pull-out valet rods, baskets, sliding tie and belt racks, tilt-out hampers, slanted shoe shelves, glass and/or raised panel doors and drawers are also available. Upgraded stainless drawer slides that pull out 100%, may also be something you want to consider. Or perhaps a security drawer to hide important documents, guns, passports and/or jewelry.

When it comes to offices or garage systems, the choices are similar and yet a different product altogether. These systems are generally pre-built according to your measurements and designs. The garage systems will be up off the floor, wall hung by steel braces and 4 toggles which hold 260# each. The front of the cabinets are supported with legs in the front of each cabinet. Shelving with metal extrusions will wear longer too.

Office systems will offer user-friendly installation, so that you can add equipment without moving any furniture. The Infinity System built by ClosetsByDesign allows for a 1” space behind each cabinet so that you can access your electrical outlets, and wiring with ease. You have an enormous selection for countertops from 1 1/8” melamine, WilsonArt and often times granite. Ask about discounts for units without doors.

Some companies can also design and build mud room cubbies, free standing units which might hold televisions, books, crafts and any number of items – creating a custom storage system for your particular needs.

You should expect your design consultation to take no less than one hour and may stretch as long as 4 hours, depending on the number of areas you need to access and design. If you have more than three areas, expect your designer to measure the spaces, and come back to you a week or so later with designs and pricing. Discounts are usually offered if you purchase the same day, as it cuts down on the designers drive time back and forth to your home.

All in all, the custom organization system is going to add considerable space for your storage needs, most times doubling the capacity. It will also add value to your home. As your investment in your happiness and well-being is key, you will also find that it will add to the resale value of your home.