Feng Shui


Feng Shui deals with solutions to problems in a transcendental way. Feng Shui traveled throughout the East infusing the philosophies from each country. Beginning back in Tibet many centuries ago, this ancient belief system was introduced to India and then China, taking in Buddhist, Confusism, Taoism, I Ching, and other Eastern philosophies.

In 1987, Professor Lin Yun – a Buddhist monk and highly trained Feng Shui master traveled to the West, bringing with him the traditions of these fascinating cultures. Even today, Feng Shui is such a effective and highly regarded folklore that nearly 95% of all buildings in China, business or private have been Feng Shuied.

Is your desk placed properly?

There are many schools of Feng Shui; the Black Hat Sect is the one most widely used in the United States and Europe. Because of its simplistic system it is more easily accepted by our culture.

Feng Shui deals with solutions to problems in a transcendental way. It may not seem logical or be easily accepted by most people and yet its effectiveness has been charted time and time again. A mundane cure for a problem such as a lack of work might be send out resumes and wait for interviews. This is an active solution that offers no control of the outcome or the responses to the inquiries. Feng Shui allows adjustments to the home or office that can change the energy so that the opportunities for change are made available.

Desk positionsBy mapping the path that life energy or ch’I takes as it flows through your home or business, the Feng Shui specialist locates corresponding life areas that relate to you career, finances, relationships and health. Potential concerns are identified and corrected so the natural flow of the energy circulates and nourishes these related life areas. To bring harmony into your environment and achieve your goals, recommendations are made which incorporate the most effective Feng Shui adjustments and cures.

Personal consultations provide clients with these adjustments which may include changes in furniture arrangement, the addition of wind chimes, plants, or crystals. Because much of the Feng Shui work is on a metaphysical plane, the practitioner will generally assist the client with setting intentions. Through meditation and prayer work, the desires can be clearly handed up to the higher source, generating clarity and necessary changes to come forth.