Autumn is Harvest Time. The natural energy is the work to gather crops, or that which we have grown from planting in early spring. We share this abundance and celebrate! The direction is West, the element metal (attraction), and the body part is lung (allergy season?). Although I envision the brilliant colors of the autumn leaves, the color that is represented here is white, the blending of all these magnificent colors! When the work is complete, we celebrate our wealth and growth with harvest festivals, good food and great friends!

Towards the end of autumn, personal shifts pull our thoughts back to that which we have gathered. This prepares us for the winter months when movement is slow and limited. We begin to start centering our thoughts our belongings and ourselves.

Feng Shui suggests we enjoy the movement of the fall. It’s a great time for organizing interiors, de-cluttering closets and drawers and see all that you have collected through the past few seasons! Make a scrapbook of these objects, a fun project to create memories in an orderly fashion. Think of creative ways to showcase all that you have worked toward this year. Plan a gathering for friends to enjoy the beauty of nature and all that life has provided for you! This is a most colorful, joyous time of year. Provided, there is work to be done. But once your desk is clear, kick back and enjoy the cornucopia of energy that surrounds us!