As Feng Shui has increased in popularity, so has my involvement. I’ve been working at Feng Shui consulting full time now for over 6 years. The work has been exciting, rewarding and often time challenging. This ancient philosophy gives those of us that are open to expanding our lives, a tool to enhance our every whim. As a practitioner, my goal has always been to encourage those that are in need, and bring opportunity to become self empowered. I’m not into many of the 70 different schools of Feng Shui, however each has its validity and can be craftfully layered upon another to increase the healing energies provided in an environment.

Gold BuddhaOriginally a student of Black Hat Tantric Buddhist Sect of Feng Shui, I learned the simplicity and theories involved in this study. I created personal growth; spirituality, mentally, emotionally, and financially. My intuition is enhanced and my life full of the uplifting experiences. Integrated throughout Feng Shui theories are those including Yin Yang, I-Ching, and 5 Elements. The 5 Element theory can be studied through Feng Shui as well as the other Asian arts including: 9starki astrology, macrobiotics, and shiatsu. I’ve been privledged to study with many fine teachers and look forward to the many years ahead as I continue on this path to mastery.

Many students often come to me confused from the enormous number of books available on the market now. They are overwhelmed by the amount of information and some of the contradictions that contrasting schools present. For the trained professional, overlaying one school upon another becomes an option, as the primary aspiration is to secure the environment towards the clients’ goals. Needless to say, without a basic handle on the philosophies, one can get caught up in lots of fear.

Feng Shui becomes a lifestyle, not just a once in a while kind of thing. It may seem trendy to many, but this 5000 year old art has certainly maintained the test of time. By following its map, the bagua, we can secure our intentions in the energies throughout our space and move forward with confidence that life is ours if we just ask!

I look forward to sharing Feng Shui with you, the reader, and I invite you to send in your questions and concerns regarding this most powerful and ancient tool!