Cultivating Sacred Gardens with Feng Shui

1601479_10201217730227928_1550330946_nThe garden is a space that can be created to offer us sacred space.  Imagine arriving at a welcoming threshold of our garden as if entering the inner sanctum of the mind, pausing for a moment within a gateway.  The path before us represents our life’s purpose as we meander along the walkway.  Each tree speaks to us about our human selves. The roots of the trees sustain our soul, the trunk is our heart connection from heaven to earth, and the crown of the trees is our spirit reaching up to our future.

The bend in the path, or the axis is the spine that connects two points leading us from one consciousness to another.  We come to a bench and are invited to sit and contemplate all that surrounds us.  The pond before us integrates heaven and earth in its reflection and helps us to recognize the changing seasons.  Should a bridge be along our path encourages us to move from one belief to another.  The lantern helps to acknowledge the wise one within and helps guides our journey.

The stones and rocks are strong and silent. They represent the earth, mountains and islands.  They provide focal points and help to center our energy.  The green man is earth mother’s counterpoint, and reminds us of our spiritual connection.  The butterfly that flutters by speaks to us about transformation.

The placement of these elements in our garden will call to us, bringing protection and connectedness to our higher selves. By utilizing these and other objects in the space we will create a sacred garden, providing us with a special place to contemplate the universe, our place in it.. and just to be.