x-Nine Star Ki

Yin Yang
Nine Star Ki
(Kyu Sei Ki) is a Japanese form of astrology. It relates to time, space, and location.

Feng Shui Studios utilizes the five element system assisting clients and brings understanding to different environments, family members and other personal relationships. Through a Nine Star Ki mini-consultation, clients gain valuable insight regarding the how’s and why’s of their relationships.

Based on the five elements, each element (wood, fire, earth, metal, water) affect different aspects of life and the personality! Each personality may either control or support another. Becoming aware of who we are as an individual and how we interact with others becomes extremely important. 9 Star Ki mini-sessions help to bring clarity and understanding of relationships with others. Then, quickly learn keys to balance them, and bring harmony and peace into communications.

For the mini 9 Star Ki consult, clients are asked to provide the birthdate, and birth years of themselves, and up to 4 others. During the session, the element of each person will be diagnosed, and how each relate to the others based on the 5 Element Theory. By learning another’s element, a client gains insight on how to negotiate with certain individuals, and the joys of why we get along famously with others!

Mini – Session length (up to 4 people): 15-45 minutes.
Additional people/addt’l time: $10/person reviewed.
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