Jana Schneider Creates Designs for Living

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Jana Schneider specializes in Custom Storage Systems, Feng Shui, Space Cleaning, and Access Bars, creating the life you desire through home, health and spirit.

  • Support energy flow
  • Enhance balance, peace, harmony
  • Positive mind reset
  • Decor; accessory and furniture placement, color and textiles

Jana Schneider

Jana integrates her academic and life experiences, applying both when consulting with clients. She continues her studies with various Feng Shui experts, and those of other modalities, sharing her ongoing learning with clients. Her compassion and insight enhance the trust which clients place in her assessments. 

Energetic Adjustments to the Mind, Home and Body

Her enthusiasm is contagious.

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When the mind is cleared, we have a better opportunity to relax the body too – moving out of a fight or flight mode, into one that has softened and open, less combative. This in turn may allow us to act in life, as opposed to react in any given situation.

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