Jana Schneider specializes in Feng Shui, ThetaHealing®, Custom Storage Systems, Yoga and Meditation creating the life you desire through home, health and spirit.

  • Support energy flow
  • Enhance balance, peace, harmony
  • Positive mind reset
  • Yoga
  • Mindfulness
  • Decor; accessory and furniture placement, color and textiles

Energetic Adjustments to the Mind, Home and Body


Feng Shui Studios serves the Tri-State area of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Beyond.

Since 1996 Jana Schneider has specialized in energetic adjustments by providing solutions from her expertise in several modalities that include Feng Shui, ThetaHealing®, Yoga, Meditation and Custom Closet Storage organization. Her enthusiasm is contagious.

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What is ThetaHealing®

“Jana is a truly gifted intuitive. Let go and trust in the process, for Jana is capable of imparting radical change in your life. She will help you to find the source of what is holding you back from achieving your dreams. Physical and emotional pain can be relieved in as little as one session, even if it is something you have struggled with for years. No doctors, therapists, drugs or other false promises. Simply results that you can feel immediately. Spontaneous healing is real with the power to heal yourself. Working with Jana in a theta session is worth every bit of investment. You owe it to yourself.” —  Sarah B.

Meet Jana Schneider, Feng Shui Studios

Jan097Jana integrates her academic and life experiences, applying both when consulting with clients. She continues her studies with various Feng Shui experts, and those of other modalities, sharing her ongoing learning with clients. Her compassion and insight enhance the trust which clients place in her assessments. With the hope of empowering those seeking the courage to change and to advance in their lives, Jana’s interests in Feng Shui, home organization, yoga, ThetaHealing®, meditation, has grown into a career as well as a personal lifestyle of learning in love.


Yoga provides the individual with a place to let go of outside concerns and focus on the breath and the body. It is my joy and passion to share my knowledge on the mat.

Custom Storage Systems

Jana has been a Senior Designer/Rep for Closets by Design of Exton, PA since 2004. #1 on Angie’s List, Better Business Bureau, Home Depot, Houzz, Main Line Today, and Architectural Digest.


When the mind is cleared, we have a better opportunity to relax the body too – moving out of a fight or flight mode, into one that has softened and open, less combative. This in turn may allow us to act in life, as opposed to react in any given situation.

Feng Shui Is Popular

Feng Shui Is Popular

As Feng Shui has increased in popularity, so has my involvement. I’ve been working at Feng Shui consulting full time now for over 6 years. The work has been exciting, rewarding and often time challenging. This ancient philosophy gives those of us that are open to...

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Dreaming of Organized Closets?

Dreaming of Organized Closets?

This is the season where we retrieve holiday decorations and warmer clothing for the changes in weather. It’s also when we’re reminded that we desperately need help organizing our closets. How About Some New Ideas? Take an empty room and create the...

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Feng Shui Thoughts for Fall

Feng Shui Thoughts for Fall

Autumn is Harvest Time. The natural energy is the work to gather crops, or that which we have grown from planting in early spring. We share this abundance and celebrate! The direction is West, the element metal (attraction), and the body part is lung (allergy...

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